To see in Paris this Week (25th of november)

To see in Paris this Week (25th of november)

25 novembre 2014 | PAR Sarah Hamidou

This week, the cultural selection is wide. To succeed your journey in Paris, let’s see the program that Toutelaculture made for you for the last week before December.


Gesaffelstein at the Zenith d Paris.

Gesafflestein, the french DJ known as the electro-dark music prince, will be performing his last album, Aleph, at the Zenith de Paris on the 28 th of November. So if you’re the kind of people who like dense musical ambiance, full of darkness and saturate sounds that put you into transe,  this show will be the perfect one to see.

You can make a reservation and get more informations here.


La Roux at The Bataclan

Ellie Jackson and Ben Langmand, better known as the British duo La Roux, will performe on stage the 29th of November at the Bataclan. So if you’re a fan of the 80’s sounds and melodies, this show will be the perfect way to rediscover  La Roux’s  main tracks  after their second album « Trouble in Paradise », in a full live performance.

You can check out your tickets here.


Festival Marto

The Festival Marto is probabably one of the most unexpected festival in Paris. Several shows of puppets will be shown over 6 different theatres in the Haut de Seine untill the 6th of December. Marrionnetts and jumping jacks will be the stars of these extremely poetic shows, that will certainly bring you to someplace beyond marvel.

You can check out for more informations and reservations here.

3 Days in Paris Exhibitions. 

If you have a few days to spend in Paris, and if the artistic activity in  parisian galleries makes you dream, then 3 Days in Paris is made for you. Into one of the eldest area of Paris, The Marais, several galleries will open their doors to the visitors so they can enjoy all the artist’s creations. A nice way to discover unespected works and to have the chance to talk to artists and galerists.

You can find more informations and the whole list of the participing galleries online 

Jeff Koons’ retrospective at The Centre Pompidou. 

From the 26th of November, Jeff Koons, one of the most regarded contemporary artist, is about to get his  first major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou.  A good way for the visitors to have a brand new look on his works, that often challenge the limits beetween Art et Industrial fabrication, as well as the limits beetween fine arts ans mass culture.  The exhibition will be the artist’s first major exhibition and retrospective in Paris.

Just to make sure you arrive on time, plan a whole afternoon to see the show. We’re pretty sure that you will  have to line up before you get your tickets.

You can get more informations online. 

Visuels: (c) Festival Marto, (c) 3 Days in Paris, (c) Centre Pompidou

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