Paris sites: openings & re-openings

Paris sites: openings & re-openings

25 February 2020 | PAR O NEALL Libby

On every corner of Paris, you can find a different art gallery or museum to escape a drizzly day. Because Paris isn’t necessarily young, though, you must be careful when you set out to your favorite or anticipated exhibition because buildings often go under renovation. Just as well, new museums and art attractions are introduced every day. Here are some of the upcoming openings and re-openings:

New Private Museum: Agnès B’s “La Fab”

Celebrating its fresh opening on February 2nd, “La Fab” is a place where people can experience both art and fashion-centered around social and environmental activism. Agnès B, a fashion designer, showcases her own contemporary art collection which gives an inside look at her many diverse encounters. “La Fab” also has “La Galerie du jour,” or the gallery of the day in addition to Agnès B’s personal collection. “La Galerie du jour” display is versatile, changing frequently in tandem with “La Fab’s” philanthropy endeavors. The debut exhibition is centered around “Boldness,” and will last until May 23rd. Located in Paris’ youthful 13th district, “La Fab” embraces its atmosphere by providing a humanitarian outlook on the art scene. “La Fab” is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am-7 pm. Visit here for more information.

Coming in March 2020: Reopening of the Museum Cernuschi

After a nearly nine-month-long renovation, the Museum Cernuschi is open to the public beginning on March 4th. The museum primarily exhibits Chinese art as well as works from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam from the collection of the former french banker, Henry Cernuschi. Spectators are welcome to immerse themselves in a chronological journey through China’s historical dynasties. A new room for Asian paintings has also been added. Visitors can expect a digital experience throughout the museum, which aims to add context and interaction to the experience. Digital tools such as a free mobile application and 3D display models will enhance your experience as you are guided through the museum. Visit here to stay updated on the Museum Cernuschi’s reopening, located in the 8th district of Paris. 

Coming in April 2020: Reopening of the “Samaritaine.”

The much-awaited reveal of the Samaritaine is now only a few months away, just in time for their 150th anniversary. The Samaritaine is a celebrated Parisian department store that has been closed since 2005 while undergoing renovations. New additions include a luxury hotel, an exhaustive M2 department center, and apartment housing. Likewise, there will be an entire level devoted to dining, a great way to get a taste of France. The renovation was done with an environmental approach, emphasizing renewable energy. Located in the ideal location along the Seine between  Quai de Pont Neuf and Rue de Rivoli, the Samaritaine will undoubtedly be a popular attraction when it reopens in April. To learn more about what to expect, visit here.

Coming in April 2020: Reopening of the Carnavalet Museum

The Museum Carnavalet is one of the oldest museums in Paris, making it a must-see if you are interested in French history. The museum, which displays items from ancient times through the 20th century, will finally reopen in April after four years of renovations. Carnavalet is located in the 4th district of Paris, in the heart of the bubbling Marais. It consists of two private mansions which give plenty of space for visitors to not only tour the extensive exhibitions but also places to dine and hold gatherings. Likewise, a free mobile application is expected to be launched upon the museums reopening. The application will provide a virtual tour map with filters to help you narrow down your experience to the period you are most intrigued by. To learn more before your visit you can visit the Musée Carnavalet’s website (French) or here (English). 


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