The “Nuit Blanche in Paris”, check it out !

The “Nuit Blanche in Paris”, check it out !

01 October 2019 | PAR Claire Redden

This Saturday, October 5th, museums will be open all night, free of charge, to transform the streets into a giant art gallery. Experience the city in a new way for a night known as Nuit Blanche.  

This Saturday night the 18th annual White Night will be taking place in Paris. As selected by Paris City Hall, Didier Fusilier, the President of the Grande Halle La Villette and the host of this year’s White Night,  has invited around 100 artists to take part in the magical event. Prepare to be out all night to view everything that the city has in store. You can expect to see the great musical march, night race in the museums, and a bicycle lane on the beltway!

This year artist Alain Fleischer invites everyone to take place in a ball in front of the city hall, beginning at 10 PM and on to 4 AM. The only catch is everyone in attendance must be dress in all white. The plan is to have a movie displayed on everyone on the dance floor, making the guests into a living movie. The idea was taken from a party thrown in the 1920s by Man Ray, a French artist, who used to screen movies made by George Melies on dancers dressed in white, giving the illusion of movement.

The Paris Opera Comique invites everyone to join them during this year’s Nuit Blanche for a night of opera-style karaoke… or opera-oke from 7 PM to 11 PM. Accompanied by a choirmaster, you’ll be welcomed to sing (or completely butcher) a selection of songs at the top of your lungs. The opera-oke may be a mess, however, afterward, you can expect the lobby to be taken over by a sea of flamenco dancers. The show, organized by Pilar Albarracin, will be in protest of Carmen’s death. 

You certainly can’t miss Nuit Blanche at the Picasso Museum this year. On this night the museum will open its doors for you to enjoy its current exhibition, Magical Paintings, as well as a dance performance in the gardens. Starting at 6 PM the exhibition will be open for you to discover news aspects of Picasso’s paintings. Then from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM an interactive performance by Yair Barelli will take place in the gardens of the museum that is sure to surprise you. The museum will close at 11 PM to take place in the Grand Traversee, a 10k run through the museums and monuments. 

Check out the video below for a peek at 2018’s Nuit Blanche 


Visuel : ©Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


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