Tribute Concert for Lars Vogt

Tribute Concert for Lars Vogt

05 octobre 2022 | PAR Kaci Johnson

The Paris Chamber Orchestra joined with Daniel Harding and others, come together to put on a tribute concert in honor of orchestra director Lars Vogt. The music was selected from germanic composers that Vogt deeply cherished. The concert was held at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Coming together to honor Lars Vogt 

On the evening of October 4th, the Paris chamber orchestra was joined by Daniel Harding, tenor Ian Bostridge, pianist Paul Lewis, violinist Christian Tetzlaff, and cellist Alban Gerhardt to pay tribute to their friend. Lars Voigt, german pianist and conductor, passed away last September from cancer. His first concert with the orchestra was in December 2018 and later was nominated as the musical director in September 2020. The members of the orchestra wanted to celebrate the memory of Lars Vogt by selecting classical pieces that came from germanic composers that he cherished. 

The passion behind the music 

Music is used to share the emotions of the musician and their listeners. There was no need for words when music can cause the same feelings. The same could be said about the tribute concert in memory of Vogt. Vogt enjoyed music that expressed, love and joy but also sadness, each of these emotions could be felt throughout the duration of the concert. The audience was able to feel their loss for Vogt but also the appreciation of the love they had for him. Some pieces were accompanied by Ian Bostridge who sang in English, french, and german, but no matter the language, one would still be able to feel the sadness. The pain of losing Lars was expressed through the music and could be felt throughout the hall, even if one didn’t know who Lars was or the impact he had on the people around him. One could feel the melancholy in the music but there were also moments of comfort in the music. The intensity of the emotion could be felt at the end of the night when the orchestra received a standing ovation from the audience. The members of the orchestra also joined in as the entire hall clapped in unison. The concert was the perfect way to honor his memory.

The concert will be available to watch online from 05/10/2022-03/04/2023. Click here to watch. 


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