Born Somewhere Expo at CiteCo

Born Somewhere Expo at CiteCo

30 septembre 2019 | PAR Claire Redden


Last week CiteCo , the city of economy and currency, launched its first-ever temporary exhibition « Born Somewhere, » which will remain open to the public until November 24th. 

After its success in Lyon, Roubaix, and Marseille, the exhibition show « Born Somewhere », found a home in Paris at, CiteCo, the very first museum in Europe devoted to the economy. This temporary exhibition offers a unique, and immersive experience to its visitors located on the top floor of a Banque de France branch. Through roleplaying and theater, guests are thrown into the lives of people living across the world. 


This original experience encourages us to adopt a different perspective on the world we live in by introducing challenges surrounding climate and sustainable development. « Born Somewhere » allows visitors to take part in the 18 characters across 6 different countries. And interact with different people as they experience the daily issues of climate and development. 

Through a playful and educational adventure « Born Somewhere » encourages its visitors to experiment with developing solutions, and understanding, through the experience of the impact of climate change. This exhibition grants an accessible and explicit way of addressing the future of our planet while also touching on themes of education, health, economic governance, gender equality and more. Take a visit to this exhibition to understand how it feels to walk through life in someone else’s shoes. 

Pics : ©Claire Redden 


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