Speaking in Paris on October, the 2nd, Rodger Kamenetz evokes Buddhism, Juddaism, dreams and Poetry [Interview]

29 septembre 2017 Par
Yaël Hirsch
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American author of the best-seller The Jew in the Lotus (Harper, 1994) which captured the importance of an historic encounter between a group of Rabbi ad the Dalai-Lama and popularized the word « Jubu » (Jewish-Buddhist), Rodger Kamenetz is also a Poet, an essayist who wrote about Judaica and a specialist of dreams. He will be visiting in Paris next week, and is debating with the buddhist monk Elisabeth Drukier, the anthropologist Lionel Obadia and Mira Miculescuthe specialist of the Jewish-Buddhist phenomenon, Hassidic meditation teacher and founder of Neshama, the association at the initiative of this encounter.

The event takes place on Monday, october the 2nd, 2017, at Centre Communautaire juif (75019 Paris, m° Gare du Nord) will be filmed by Akadem, and  Yaël Hirsch, founder of Toute La Culture,  will be moderating the conversation.

Just before the big event, we had a chat with this mensch and wise man arounf the question of dialogue and spirituality.

To attend the conference, please get tickets here and find more informations on our Facebook Event.