To see in Paris this week (29th sept)

To see in Paris this week (29th sept)

29 September 2014 | PAR Megane Mahieu

Toute la Culture has selected for its english-speaking readers what they should do in Paris this week without being totally confused by Molière’s langage : 


* Reading performance “Max Jacob, Lettres à un jeune homme” at Musée Rodin, 1st oct.

For a typical french romantic date that will surely impress your partner, you should go the Musée Rodin. Each first wednesday of the month, the Musée Rodin offers reading to its audience. On wednesday 1st, french writer Max Jacob (close friend of Pablo Picasso or Guillaume Apollinaire) is celebrating through the reading of Lettres à un jeune homme. Here,  comedian Charles Gonzalès and guitarist Angélique Ionatos will make you ear the beauty of french langage (well, if you understand anything).

More informations here.


* William Forsythe / Jone San Martin /Josh Johnson at 104 from 2nd to 8th oct. 

At Toute la Culture, we already had the pleasure to admire the mecanical magic of Forsythe’s creations in Limb’s Theorem. Dancer Jone San Martin from Frankfurt Ballet gives life to Legitimo / Rezo a solo created by the american choreographer. This show is the demonstration of what Jose San Martin says about Forsythe : “He gives me the outline for how it could all fit together, but the content is up to me.” Hers, then, to shape and transform…

More informationsand booking here.


* Alt J at Casino de Paris , 29th sept.

The English electronic band introduce us This is all yours, their new record after the sucess of  An Awesome Wave. Toute la Culture has been more than charmed by this new album and we hope that they will put a spell on you too at Casino de Paris.

The Libertines at Zénith, 30th sept.

Do we really have to introduce you the english rock band, leaded by Peter Doherty? The eternal question : “will he come?”(indeed Peter Doherty is well-known for having miss his own shows) is now out of order : it is an unmissable event for us …and for Doherty.

If you want to discover more , see more events in french here : (lien)

Visuels  : ©Philippe Delacroix, ©Josh Johnson, le reste :©capture d’écran

« Mots d’excuse » au théâtre de Dix Heures
“Viva” de Patrick Deville : le bouillonnement révolutionnaire dans le Mexique des années 1930
Megane Mahieu

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