To see in Paris this week – 20th October

To see in Paris this week – 20th October

20 octobre 2014 | PAR Fanny Bernardon

Music, opera and contemporary art, so many places to go this week in Paris ! 


Each year in Paris, there is a famous event that is dedicated to contemporary art : FIAC or Internation Fair of Contemporary Art. You can enjoy wonderful parisian places like Le Grand Palais where plenty of galleries will be open doors to discover furnitures, items and contemporary works ! More details here.

Among that large programmation, there are also a range of events which resist to the giant FIAC :Young International Artists from 23th to 26th of october ; SLICK on the Seine’s docks ; ART ELYSEES on the so known Champs-Elysées. An occasion for a delightful walk !


« Rockomotives » is festival of music which is a stage for young artists. Not located in the heart of Paris but of Loir-et-Cher, in a city called Vendôme. It’s worth leaving Paris to discover more than 50 artists gathered there, such as the energetic Charlie Fiasco or the poetic Feu!Chatterton. From the 23th october to the 1st of November, Rockomotives will make you dance and make your French trip so rocky !

ROCKOMOTIVES 2014 teaser. from Figures Libres on Vimeo.


In the splendid Opera Garnier, the belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is offering an original reading of the rain’s variations. Attended by a score of Steve Reich, this show is an experience of nature and grace. To be present at that artistic display starting from the 25th of october, let’s click here.

Visuel à la une et visuels : @captures d’écran

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