Paris Must-Dos the Week of March 25

Paris Must-Dos the Week of March 25

25 mars 2019 | PAR Megan Winters

This first week of spring, Paris invites you to a variety of exhibitions on contemporary and modern art, to the park for a Holi celebration, to an unforgettable dinner and classical concert, and to a galaxy far, far away.

Monday, March 25

“Chicago, a home for outsider art”

Halle Saint-Pierre

Paris is connected to America through one vital city that might surprise you. « Chicago » highlights the outsider art of the past century and how artists turned to their mediums through necessity. Creativity fills the room to the ceiling as the definition of an artistic medium is pushed and the struggles of American life are reflected. While many descriptions are in French, an English guide is available and any text on the artwork itself is in English. For more information, click here.

Tuesday, March 27

Star Wars Exhibition: The Fans Strike Back

Centre Expo Lafayette Drouot

Calling all Star Wars fans, this exhibition is regarded as the largest private Star Wars exhibition in Europe. This is an especially unique opportunity for visitors as the works presented are made by the fans themselves. In fact, the entire exhibition was created by Spanish Star Wars Superfan Daniel Prada, and if there’s one thing Star Wars Superfans never neglect, it’s the details. For more information in English, click here.


Thursday, March 28


Le Carreau du Temple

One of more than 70 international galleries, this art fair in Paris presents more than 2,000 works of contemporary art from over 400 artists. Visitors will experience the diversity of art over the past 50 years from established artists and newcomers alike from the leading contemporary art fair on the continent. For more information in English and to take a virtual visit, check out the fair’s official website.

Friday, March 29

Classical Concert at the Saint-Chapelle

For the most unforgettable date night in Paris imaginable, spend an evening listening to Classical and Baroque masterpieces in one of the most spectacular churches in Paris. While tickets are available individually, visitors have the opportunity to purchase tickets for a three-course dinner at Les Fous de l’Ile following the show in a bundle package. Seduced by sight, sound, smell, and taste, visitors will experience the Saint-Chapelle in a breathtaking and intimate atmosphere. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Saturday, March 30

Almost Human Exhibition

City of Paris Museum of Modern Art

A newly arrived exhibition from English artist Thomas Houseago, lovers of modern art will discover what makes Houseago one of the greatest modern architects of Europe. While using architectural materials such as wood, bronze, plaster, metal, and concrete, Houseago uses the tools to create a building and instead manifests his fascination with the human figure. Expect silhouettes, raw and rough materials, and a humanlike quality within the artwork that is difficult to place, but very present throughout the exhibition. To learn more, click here.

Sunday, March 31

HOLI Celebration

The Jardin d’Acclimatation

The Show « The Color of Time » will kick off the Holi celebration this Sunday at the Jardin d’Acclimatation with dancing honoring the Indian traditions of Holi. However, this show is one of the most interactive celebrations visitors can find in Paris. Visitors can learn the dances that will be performed and dance with the performers in the park and finish the celebration by lighting the sky with the bright and colorful signature powders of the celebration. The event is promised to be « easy, free, and open to all » in the gardens with videos posted on the garden’s website so that visitors can practice on their own beforehand if they would like. For more information in English, visit the garden’s website

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